February 1, 2020 8:02 am 

From the office of Agroexata in Campo Grande Brazil

First of all, I want to ask all who read this blog to pray for the family of Bill and Laurie Hubbard, the entire Hubbard family and all of Will’s friends who lost their 34 year old son/friend Thursday night. This occurred just hours after Will returned home from Maine where he had been with his girlfriend/fiancée, Jo Mal, for four months.

Will and Jo had plans to move back home, continue as a family and someday build a home on the farm at the river. All who truly knew Will knew what a kind heart he HAS and what a sweet soul he HAS. Will planned to return to help my son, Josh, with Precise Apps and to continue their friendship which began many years ago. Their relationship was the segway to my relationship with the Hubbard family that I truly cherish. The Hubbard’s are great people and friends to many. Will shall truly be missed.

I look forward to the time when I will enjoy Will’s company again. I know and believe in my heart this will happen. May God keep Will’s soul until we all meet again.

I would like to announce that in memory of Will Hubbard, the Averitt family and Protech would like to start an annual scholarship fund for an agricultural student at an Agricultural University yet to be determined but possibly at Bill’s wishes the Agricultural Institute at North Carolina State University. The logistics and administration of the scholarship will be investigated to determine the best location and opportunity for the recipient to know and honor Will’s memory. If anyone would like to commit to an annual donation to this cause please contact me.

In honor and memory of Will Hubbard and the entire Hubbard family,

Al Averitt

Photo of Will Hubbard
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  1. Keep me updated on process n I am interested.

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