In the video – you’ll hear about how seed prescriptions can be beneficial to many growers. Commentary will be from one of our valued customers named Henry Forbis, who is out of Lumber Bridge N.C, elaborating on how our prescriptions are beneficial to his small grain operation. I had the privilege of riding with Henry’s father, Elbert Forbis, as he planted their 2020 corn crop.

If you would like to hear more about our seed prescriptions and how they could financially impact your operation – contact Al! Here is a breakdown of an example of savings.

$230 average on a bag of corn seed which has approximately 80,000 kernels.

34000 high population – $106.42 seed cost at the highest

24000 low population – $75.12 seed cost at lowest

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  1. I ran some statistics on savings for two of our clients and these are the results:

    Assuming 28,000/acre as the base line or standard planting rate, then any population below that would be at a cost savings.

    Client A: large corn grower with 1287 acres of corn. 56% of those acres were seeded at less than 28k/ac at a savings of $8.59 per acre where the rate was lower than 28k/ac. If you take the $6198.30 seed cost savings across the entire 1287 acres the savings was $4.82 per acre.

    Client B: small corn grower with 110 acres of corn. 41 acres were seeded at less than 28k/ac at a savings of $7.99 per acre. If you take the value of the saving across the entire 110 acres the savings was $2.98 per acre.

    Many of the services that we provide at Protech Advisory Services are difficult to determine the actual ROI, but this is cut and dry savings and in theory the corn yield should be higher in the reduced population areas within the field because we have reduced the amount of plants competing against one another for sunlight, water and nutrients.

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