A few Sunday evenings ago I received a text from one of Protech’s clients. He was on the combine harvesting wheat. Yes on Sunday. He was working on Sunday because of the excessively rainy spring season.  He was sharing information about the wheat yield real time. It is nice to get positive feedback once in a while or a “thank you for what you do”. It means a lot to me and our crew at Protech and encourages us to try to maintain good work and even do better. As he said in the screenshot of his text we are only a part of a successful crop. When good management zone (Mz) delineation and good soil fertility Rx’s  and a whole lot of good management decisions and implementation all come together we all do well. Of course I left out the weather which is another necessity. Water is often our limiting factor in the equation. This 2020 growing season has been very challenging and depressing at times due to the excessive water that we know in many cases has already negatively affected our upcoming fall harvest. We have documentation showing some areas that we work has had 40+ inches of rain in a 30 day period. Or normal annual rainfall is about 50 inches. BUT WE AS FARMERS AND FARMERS SERVERS ARE ALWAYS OPTOMISTIC FOR THE FUTURE AND HOPING FOR THIS KIND OF GOOD REWARD.

For any who might question or doubt the accuracy of this yield, look at the video of the wheat coming into the hopper. The maximum speed the combine could run was 2MPH with a 40 foot header. The calibration of the yield monitor was 0.9% different than the weigh tickets from the elevator. That’s close enough.

A big thank you to our client for allowing us to share this with you!

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